In music I want to have

as rich palette of colors

as possible. I enjoy

having the possibility

to give a feather light

touch of the bass sound

to full power, even

aggression and force

when needed.  What I’m

after in music, as well

as in my teaching the

Alexander Technique, is

the freedom of choice:

possibility for full

expression, free from

physical, technical,

mental and any other

obstacles that might stand in the way.

For me the Alexander Technique has been an enormous help for finding this freedom.

Alexander Technique                 Teacher qualification

To become a certified teacher in the Alexander Technique I have completed a three-year teacher training program at the Alexander Technique Opleiding Nederland (ATON). This training course is regulated through a system of external moderation by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) based in the United Kingdom.

I was born in Helsinki in Finland. Music brought me to The Netherlands in 1999, where I stayed working as a professional double bass player after finishing my studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In the music conservatory I was introduced to the Alexander Technique and soon it became my second passion. After seven years of private lessons in the Alexander Technique, I decided to follow my dream and do the three year teacher training course to become a qualified teacher myself.

With the Alexander Technique I have become more aware of the body and it’s possibilities. It has helped me in finding a free and relaxed way of playing my instrument, but even more important a new way of being, in general.

Maria Vahervuo

Professional Musician + Alexander Technique teacher

“It is impossible to separate'mental'and 'physical'processes in any form of

human activity.”

F.M. Alexander


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