A private lesson, given by a certified teacher is the best way to find out if AT is something for you.

On the lesson the teacher will use her hands gently to guide you to feel your body and allow the body to find it’s way to more freedom.

To discover ones habitual patterns is difficult to succeed alone. On the lesson the teacher will help you to become more aware of your own individual way of using yourself.

The body mind connection is always present and also consciously used for discovering current psychophysical connections as well as forming new ones.

The AT is not a therapy or treatment but rather a process of unlearning and learning “to do” less.

Lesson benefits

thank you very much for the "refreshing" of my former Alexander experiences. My body is still reminding some of the movements - and I'm able to include them into my everyday practicing and moving. Aaaand not to forget my Masterconcert - I was able to play really relaxed and without any stress.

Lena (Recorder and Traverso)

Lesson benefits

“Stop trying

but never give up” 

F.M. Alexander (1869-1955)

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